Book of Nod 1

Questa pergamena scritta a Penna d'oca riporta un brano del libro di Nod, la "bibbia vampirica" Il libro di Nod è uno pseudobiblium inserito all'interno del "Mondo di Tenebra" di cui del gioco di ruolo Vampiri the masquerade" fa parte.


And the blood of Abel covered the altar and smelled sweet as it burned. But my Father said: “Cursed are you, Caine, who killed your brother. As I was cast out so shall you be.”
And He exiled me to wander in Darkness, the land of Nod.
I flew into the Darkness I saw no source of light, and I was afraid.
And alone.
I was alone in the Darkness, And I grew hungry.
I was alone in the Darkness,And I grew cold.
I was alone in the Darkness, And I cried.
Then there came to me a sweet voice, a honey voice. Words of succor. Words of surcease.
A woman, dark and lovely, with eyes that pierced the Darkness came to me.
“I know your story, Caine of Nod.” She said, smiling.
“You are hungry. Come! I have food.
You are cold. Come! I have clothes.
You are sad. Come! I have comfort.”
“Who would comfort one so Cursed as I? Who would clothe me? Who would feed me?”
“I am your Father’s first wife, who disagreed with the One Above and gained Freedom in the Darkness.
I am Lilith.


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